TFCC Advantage

Institutional and private investors are offered the opportunity to participate in fully secured commercial mortgage investments through Terra Firma Capital with a variety of locations, strategies, and structures.

As investors seek alternatives to traditional equity and fixed-income products, mortgageĀ and real estate related investments are becoming increasingly popular

Compared to other firms we provide:

  • Lower LTV
  • Equity subordination
  • Security and registration on title
  • Limited guarantees
  • Fixed minimum return
  • Return on a monthly basis
  • Compensated for delays in project completion
  • TFCC does not provide guarantees to senior lenders
  • Are not subject to capital call or cost overruns

If you are interested in learning more about our private mortgage investment opportunities, please contact:

Seth Greenspan
(416) 792-4708

Investor Relations

Terra Firma Capital Corporation is committed to transparency and corporate governance best practices with all of our stakeholders, analysts and media.

Stock Exchange Listing: TSX Venture Exchange
Stock Exchange Symbol: TII

Transfer Agent & Registrar:
Compushare Investor Services Inc.
(416) 263-9200

Auditors: KPMG LLP

Shareholder & Investor Contact:
Mano Thiyagarajah,
CFO (416) 792-4707

Shareholder & Investor Contact:
Ali Mahdavi
(416) 962-3300

Capital Structure:
S/O Basic
S/O Fully Diluted

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