Company Overview

Terra Firma Capital Corporation (TSXV: TII) is a boutique publically traded real estate finance company that provides customized debt and equity solutions to the real estate industry. The company focuses on providing financing for quality commercial and residential real estate developments as well as income producing properties throughout Canada and the US. Terra Firma offers the full spectrum of real estate financing in a variety of structures, under the guidance of strict corporate governance, clarity and transparency controls.

Company Overview

Investment Strategy

Terra Firma Capital Corporation provides lending services where quality real estate development intersects with the best human capital. In a sea of like-minded financial institutions, Terra Firma understands risk through an insightful and very different lens. As a non conventional lender, Terra Firma approaches lending from an equity (or principal) perspective.

Lending Activities

Recent Transactions

Atlanta,GA, USA – First Mortgage Acquisition Financing Loan

Terra Firma provided $8.5M USD for the purpose of acquiring 2 properties which will be redeveloped to accommodate a new 320,000 square foot building to yield approx. 400 retail/showroom units

Jacksonville, FL, USA – First Mortgage Land Development Loan

Terra Firma provided $14.8M for the development of a 642 lot master planned community.

Atlanta, GA, USA – First Mortgage Land Inventory Loan

Terra Firma provided $3.8M USD for the purpose of acquiring a parcel of land for a 29 single family lot development

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